Senior Years

At St Eugene College we pride ourselves on the individual attention of each student as they journey through their Senior Years of schooling.  Through years 10 -12 students are offered a personalised program as they discern their pathway into a chosen career.  All students in Year 10 are given opportunities to thrive as they enter the senior phase of their learning.  Year 10 students participate on an Immersion Learning Program where for one week they have the opportunity to study at a university, work on a farm, explore their talents and learning through the arts or spend time with social justice issues including homeless, refugees and poverty.  These students are also involved with Work Skills program which includes mock interviews and equipping them with skills to increase their employability. Students are also involved with Careers Expos and SET planning that is personalised with a Mentor who will follow their progress through their Senior Phase of Learning.

Our Year 11 sand 12 students work with teachers to best prepare them for their post-school pathways.  Individualised student and parent meetings, plans and discussions allow our students to keep focussed on their studies and allow their interests to set the agenda.  Students in years 11 and 12 can learn through TAFE courses, traineeships, School-based apprenticeships, as well as choose subjects that allow them to gain an ATAR and head straight to university.  These years of learning develop the students in our care to be resilient, active participants in life and become aware of social justice issues, supported by a well-developed Pastoral Care program.

The senior years of schooling at St Eugene College not only prepare the students to acquire skills for work or further academic study, but also focus on developing resilience in the face of adversity, connection to their community and each other and having hope and goals for a prosperous future.  Students are at the centre of our business!