Inclusive Education

St Eugene College welcomes a range of learners requiring support in areas of needs including differences in the areas of Social and Emotional; Physical; Visual; Hearing and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

What does support for learners at St Eugene College look like?

  • Teachers plan and implement differentiation across the curriculum, under guidance of the Learning Leaders, Support Teachers for Inclusive Education and/or Guidance Counsellor
  • Support and Differentiation occurs primarily within the classroom setting.  Small group withdrawal for support occurs more frequently in Early and Junior phases.  Middle and Senior phase students are supported within the classroom setting by classroom teachers and school officers
  • Skilled school officers work together with the teachers across a year level to support students requiring adjustments, under guidance of the class teacher
  • Support for learners targets groups rather than individuals, depending on needs
  • Planning for student adjustments may be based on an Education Support Plan.  This document is created with parents in consultation with relevant STIE/ Guidance Counsellor
  • When appropriate student adjustments and accommodations are recorded as evidence for NCCD (National Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with a Disability)
  • Student support may incorporate our college based ASD teacher or Speech Pathologist
  • Parent meetings to discuss consulting with specialist external services occur when appropriate, devising action plans to support learners​

Please feel free to contact the college to discuss your child's learning needs with Tracey Ramsay (Coordinator of Student Support Services). ​​