Middle Years

The Middle Years Phase of Learning at St Eugene College provides all students the opportunity to be challenged and transformed through Faith, Hope and Love. We pride ourselves with a focus on the young person as a whole, consequently, there is a strong emphasis on curriculum, student wellbeing and experimental learning across the phase of learning.

Our curriculum reflects the increasing need to provide students with the opportunity to be creative and critical thinkers, be collaborative and effective communicators. The Middle Years Phase of Learning curriculum ensures that students engaged in meaningful, connected and real-file learning experiences that reflect the authentic contemporary adolescent world.

The Middle Years “We Belong" Student Well-being program supports the specific needs of adolescence during this phase of learning. Students are encouraged to: set goals; explore relevant issues impacting their lives; develop strategies to improve learning and well-being: and be challenged to see the world from a range of perspectives.

Learning in the Middle Years Phase at St Eugene College reflects evidence-based research and incorporates current and emerging pedagogical practices.  Our Middle Years Immersion Program brings together the aspects curriculum and student well-bring and provides students experiential opportunities that caters, challenges and inspired students to be the best that can. We, at St Eugene College, are proud to provide students the opportunity to seamlessly transition into the Senior Phase of Learning with the skills and knowledge to be successful, confident and creative individuals who are active and inform young people of our contemporary society.