Pastoral Care

St Eugene College has a staffing structure to support students in pastoral care from prep through to year 12.  Student needs are monitored closely within each phase of learning.  Class teachers communicate with Guidance Counsellors and Pastoral Care Co-ordinators to ensure students are supported in their development and in times of need.

Pastoral Care within the college targets making a difference and in doing so we aim to foster a climate of tolerance and equity. We positively acknowledge ethnicity and gender and children are encouraged to respect and value individual differences. Within the school environment we promote co-operative learning in the classroom and co-operative play in the playground.

Pastoral Care Aims in helping students to:

  • Feel included and appreciated by peers, parents and staff;
  • Be respected for their different needs, abilities, cultures, gender, interests and dreams;
  • Become actively involved in their own learning;
  • Have positive expectations from others that they will succeed.​