Early Years

Early Years is a time of wonder, where children strive to learn and make meaning of the world. Learners are naturally curious and imaginative. As young people investigate their physical and social world, they often engage in dramatic play. The family is very significant for young children and they internalise values from the family. They seek kindness, compassion and acknowledgement both at home and at school. Young children also have a growing comprehension of good and poor behaviour choices and the effect of their actions on others.

Our challenge at St Eugene College is to maintain children's sense of wonder and their natural enthusiasm for learning. We respond to this challenge by providing for the holistic development of children – spiritual, moral, physical, social-emotional and cognitive - to lay a strong foundation for children's well-being and success. Social and emotional skills, language, literacy and numeracy development are priorities in the Early Years. Children are actively engaged in meaningful learning contexts, including: focused learning and teaching; real life situations; routines and transitions; investigations; and play. Learning environments are safe, welcoming, stimulating, flexible and marked by respectful relationships. These environments nurture a child's sense of self and others, sense of creation and sense of God. We acknowledge that parents are the first and most significant teachers of their children. We are committed to nurturing active partnerships with parents and providing them with opportunities to participate in life at the college.​​