The philosophy of education at St Eugene College aligns with the two major goals for schooling in Australia as detailed by the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration. These are that the Australian education system promotes excellence and equity, and that all young Australians become:

  • confident and creative individuals
  • successful lifelong learners
  • active and informed members of the community.

The College embraces "Enter to Learn, Dare to Grow, Leave to Serve" as our vision. We promote excellence, hope, service, dignity and community in all that we do. We work to ensure opportunities for all individuals to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens. This philosophy has been expanded to include the transformative capabilities of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical reflection.


Enter to Learn, Dare to Grow, Leave to Serve 

The transformative approach to education at St Eugene College focuses on the capabilities required to positively influence themselves, others and our world into the future. Each student's Cognitive, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal growth are promoted through innovative learning and teaching approaches and within our Catholic Christian environment.

The College strives to enhance the holistic development of our students through the values of excellence, hope, service, dignity and community in action. 



Each student is welcomed into our Prep to Year 12 family as they journey through an engaging environment of deep learning, authentic continuity of curriculum, Christian values and Oblate charism from early childhood to young adulthood.

 The 4Cs of Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Reflection underpin our curriculum from Prep to Year 12. They provide the focus of all subjects and direct the relevant contexts for developing the cognitive, interpersonal and intrapersonal dispositions required for deep learning.

 Our students are encouraged to develop a positive identity as individuals and as members of our community - characterised by self-regulation, determination, empathy, curiosity and resilience.  They learn to advocate and care for others, the community and the environment.

 Inspired by the practical example of Eugene de Mazenod, our lives are centred in God. We strive to be living proof of social consciousness. We are altruistic, focused on recognising the needs of others and our world and using the capabilities and dispositions to address them. We challenge our students to walk in the footsteps of Jesus by giving back to the community and transform our world by continuing to live de Mazenod (Oblate) values all their lives. 

Our comprehensive curriculum ensures each student can flourish in an environment that is dedicated to the development of the whole person. Subjects from Prep to Year 12 are diverse, stimulating and rigorous. The St Eugene College curriculum (designed from the Key Learning Areas of the Australian Curriculum) expands based on the achievements of students as they move through the College, widening their choices and challenges.

Senior students are able to choose from a comprehensive list of Authority subjects and Authority Registered subjects, combining these with VET programs and online courses should they choose.

Continuity of curriculum and pedagogy through Years P - 12 will be promoted via:

  • 4 Cs – Communication; Collaboration; Creativity; and Critical Reflection
  • Australian Curriculum
  • Recognised Expected and Effective learning and teaching practices
  • The Religious Education program
  • Collaborative planning processes focused on clearly identified learning outcomes and standards
  • Authentic and continuous assessment and reporting practices,
  • 'Intra' and 'Inter' school moderation processes;
  • A developmental approach to learning which is student centred
  • Transition processes