Junior Years

The Junior years of schooling from year 3 to 6 are characterised by a move towards individuality and independence. Children are encouraged to embrace change, take risks, and to establish their individual learning styles. They continue to be curious about the world around them and begin to develop views about social and global issues, asking many questions and expecting thoughtful answers. Children learn to foster positive relationships and to understand the points of view of others.

At St Eugene College we support students in the junior years as they transition from a time of trying to make sense of their world and their place within it to being global citizens and contributing members of society. We continue to promote a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge with a specific focus on developing literacy and numeracy skills. Recognising that students learn in a variety of ways and at different rates, teachers facilitate learning in welcoming and engaging environments that support the individual needs of all learners, whilst guiding them in making ethical and moral choices.