The unprecedented global destruction and rapid decline of plant and animal life are directly linked to causes driven by human activity. These include climate change, deforestation, unsustainable agriculture, and pollution. Earth Day is an annual event on which activities are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. On Friday the 26th of April, the college will be celebrating Earth Day to emphasize the importance of our environment and activate the environmental movement within the students. The Ryan house will be hosting several activities​ on the day for all students. These include:
• Wear something green (shirt, accessories, etc.) for everyone from Prep to year 12.
• 1st break – tree craft with juniors in the Mezzanine level of the library.
• We encourage the students to come to the library and write ways to help save the earth on “leaves” and stick it on our tree.
• Electricity free time, 10 – 10:30 am
• Turning off fans, lights, etc.
• Last 20 minutes of period 6 all classes partake in a litter emu walk. Students will walk around the college grounds picking up any rubbish they find.
We encourage parents to talk about the significance of Earth Day to their children. It’s simple and easy to go green and make every day Earth Day. You may like to try packing a lunch free from plastic, composting kitchen scraps and even taking shorter showers.

Juan Cagungun and Akayshya Shulz - Year 12 Ryan Spirit Leaders