Starting School Tips

Children learn from those they love and trust. The way we are treated from the time we are born influences how we feel about ourselves. The biggest influence is the family. Children develop self-esteem through both verbal and non-verbal messages from their parents. Praise, encouragement, support, telling the child “I love you”, is giving clear messages of care and acceptance.

People need encouragement to help them feel good. Facial expression, gestures, touches; show a child he/she is acceptable, lovable, worthy. Words are heard together with the tone of voice. Appreciation and encouragement build good feelings and these help a child towards successful relationships and achievements.

At St Eugene’s our staff are very conscious of the self-esteem, the individual needs of each child. Our school environment is centred on the acceptance of all our children – they acknowledge that each of us is a distinct, unique person, made so by God.