CAFE (Community & Family Engagement)

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Through family enrolment at our college, every parent is automatically a member of St Eugene’s Parents and Friends Association (The St Eugene College CAFE​)​.  The St Eugene College CAFE provides a social asp​ect to college life which offers support and friendship to all families involved in our college.  The college needs every family to become fully involved in as many aspects of school life as possible.

The St Euge​ne College CAFE Executive
Brooke Peterson​
Lisa Malligan
Position Vacant
TreasurerSimone Fry
PR & Media Officer
Position Vacant
Grants Coordinator
Jane Standfast
Engagement Officer (Mother’s/Fathers day) 
Lisa Malligan
Family Engagement Officer 
Position Vacant​

​Hon Auditor
​Mark Halpin
Aims of the Association

  • To provide and foster open communication between the college and parent community.
  • To provide financial support and assistance towards new resources to benefit all students.
  • To achieve active parental involvement while providing a social aspect to college life.
  • To involve as many families as possible in the running of social events to promote fellowship amongst parents and friends.

As members of our college community, meeting attendance is encouraged and welcomed. 

Meetings take place on the second Tuesday of each month - times will vary, please keep an eye out in the College Newsletter and Facebook page.  Meetings are held in the Tempier Building, ground floor meeting room, adjacent to the staff lunch room.

Monthly meetings are attended by our Leadership Team, (College Principal, Head of Secondary and Head of Primary) and provide parents with an opportunity to get involved in current College issues and to hear firsthand about events and activities that students are participating in.  The more parents making funding decisions, the more the wider college community is represented.

Please come along and get involved in your child’s educational community.

Should you wish to add an item to the agenda, please email your request to: or place your request in the P&F Box located in the library.  Alternatively, you may contact the president regarding any issues via the school office.

All events, meeting information and upcoming decisions required on funding issues, can be found in the St Eugene College CAFÉ News section of the College Newsletter and the Facebook page.

Class/PC Parent Liaison Officers
Each class will have a parent liaison officer, whose role is to assist with communication between the college and parent community.

Duties include

  • Assisting the teacher at their discretion with organisation of volunteers for help required.
  • Pastoral Care of their class group.  Advising the St Eugene College CAFE Committee of families needing help, however big or small.
  • Class year level social activities
  • Garnering support from their class group for school functions and events
  • Creating a voluntary parent contact register for their class and distributing it to parents when complete.  Parent Liaison Officers will also ensure that the parent registers are not shared with other classes.
Each year the officer will be chosen by the class teacher after nominations have been received.  Results will be advertised in the College Newsletter, under the St Eugene College CAFE News. 

How can you get involved?
Please keep a watch in all newsletters for requests for help.  There will be sub-committees for grants, help needed for events, breakfasts, stalls and discos.  Class/PC Parent Liaison Officer nominations will be called for early in the year.  If you want to be involved and are unsure how, please contact the president via the school office.  All help is encouraged and very welcome (no matter how big or small).

The St Eugene College CAFE Levy
As per the fundraising policy of the St Eugene College Board, a St Eugene College CAFE Levy is charged annually per family.  This revenue is to meet the costs of the St Eugene College CAFE​ Federation Levy and to provide extra funds as needed by the college.  Our only other income are those funds raised through our share of the St Eugene College Fair.