21st Century Skills


Preparing students to be successful, passionate lifelong learner requires range of 21st Century skills that equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to be confident and effective young people in our community.

As of 2019 all new Queensland senior syllabuses will have embedded the following 21st century skills: critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, collaboration and teamwork, personal and social skills, and information and communication technologies (ICT) skills. Identified by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA), along with Literacy and Numeracy as the most important skills young people require to participate in a complex and ever-changing world. The 21st century skills overlap and build on the general capabilities taught in the P-10 Australian curriculum.

At St Eugene we are preparing our students to be: innovators, entrepreneurs, lifelong learners through our learning dispositions and responsible young people of modern society. Through curriculum, student well-being and immersion programs we encourage our teachers to connect with the 21st Century skills by: modelling, making explicit connections, providing a variety of learning activities incorporating feedback and opportunities for authentic learning experiences.