Welcome to our website.......

Dear St Eugene Community
Welcome to our school web site. I am pleased you have found the time to view these pages and discover what we stand for as a community committed to the catholic ethos and the oblate tradition.

In this welcome, I would like to clearly identify what we stand for and what you can expect from the leadership team of this college.  I will also share what I see when I imagine the best of catholic educational communities - what we aspire to be!     

Why do we exist?

  • To unite the community through agreed principles and values.
  • To guarantee our college Oblate Charism and ethos is lived.
  • To set high expectations.
  • To develop, review and renew a compelling vision that is desired by all stakeholders.

What do we do?

  • Set direction.
  • Manage teaching and learning.
  • Build the capacity of all stakeholders.
  • Develop and grow the college.
  • Provide an organized, orderly, well-resourced and nurturing educational environment.
  • Model instructional leadership.
  • Model and nurture our catholic spirituality through the oblate tradition.

How do we behave?

  • As a team we commit to:
  • Being courageous.
  • Being collectively insistent, consistent and persistent.
  • Loyalty: to present a unified front - double confidentiality.
  • Respectful listening and engagement.
  • Accept that feedback is professional not personal.
  • Abrasive conversations are necessary for advocacy and clarity.
  • Inviting voice from others in all conversations.
  •  Full and present participation.
  • Commitment to action: never leave our meetings without commitment around a decision and a clear course of action.
  • Being prepared and organised and keeping to agreed processes to arrive at specific agreements.
  • Daily team and personal check-ins.
  • Maintain a sense of humor and celebration.


How will we succeed?

  • By developing and adhering to agreed principles and values.
  • By re-contextualising Gospel teaching in all we do.
  • By ensuring a growth mindset.
  • By ensuring our vision sees every student as capable of learning and exceeding their potential.
  • By employing teachers who see their role as that of life-long learners, and, with the right support, as inspiring and passionate teachers.
  • By ensuring a high degree of school wide consistency by identifying, planning and implementing specific practices.
  • By expanding the repertoire of teaching practices to ensure the consistent school wide use of high yield strategies that maximise the learning of students.
  • Creating a college that operates as a professional learning community.
  • Creating an evidence informed college that is that is regarded as desirable educational institution, sought after by families and the envy of other educators.
  • By ensuring an organized, safe, happy, learning environment through our efficiency in the fundamentals of school organization and management.
  • By being known for modelling honesty, integrity, loyalty, respect, collaboration, and supporting each other in this agreed united intent.

What is our priority right now?

  • Developing the leadership skills, coaching capacity and role descriptions of curriculum leaders.
  • To plan and produce a future focused curriculum structure, timetable and pathway options.
  • Respond to the Harrington review recommendations and Implement the recommendations relevant to our vision and plan for Vocational and education pathways.
  • Continue the momentum around positive parental engagement and partnership.
  • The St Eugene Mobilisation and Sustainability Strategy (STEMS): achieving stage three -reciprocal teaching.
  • Celebrating the Behavior support strategy (BSR) and maintaining insistent, consistent and persistent expectations.
  • Delivering excellent Learning and teaching (DELT) – Expected and effective practices: Literacy is everyone’s business regardless of year level or subject taught.


I dream ……

I dream of a school where teachers are passionate about their own learning and the quality of their teaching.  I see a staff that knows what to do and how best to do it. I see teachers who know they can assess what is the best way to improve learning and then implement new practises knowing what is proven to be effective and they are confident that there is no better way.  I see teachers who are excelling because they have a depth of knowledge and a self- assurance unequalled in the profession. I see teachers helping each other and learning from each other.  I dream of staffrooms full of laughter and energy where conversations are about the success stories they see in students and success they have seen in themselves, not about the missing coffee cups or dirty teaspoons. I see a fierce loyalty to our peers, our students and to the reputation of the school in this community.

I dream of students who love coming to school.  I see students who feel happy and safe because they know they are loved and cared for by every person in this community. I see students who love their teachers and are confident that the teacher has their best interest at heart. I see students who are given quality feedback, advice on what to do to improve socially, academically and spiritually. I smile when I see smiling faces walking towards me not embarrassment and avoidance. I see confident students, students who are well aware of the expectations we have of them. I see students presented with opportunity to succeed in many areas, not only academic.  I see students who love physical activity, I see academic excellence and creativity and innovation being rewarded.  I see the sheer joy that comes from passions being ignited.  

I dream of parents who are grateful and proud to be a part of this community.  I see quality communication between parents and teachers. I see queues for enrolment based on the reputation shared by existing and past parents. I see crowded assemblies, parents wanting to witness the pride and joy in the hearts of students, marvelling at the confidence and happiness of their children.  I see many friendship groups and supportive committees building community.  I see parents who portray a loyalty to the school and to the teachers, with their children who know that their parents and their teacher are united in what they want and in what they expect from them.

Most importantly, I see leaders everywhere: Students with the courage to act and sense of who they are and what they have to offer.  I see teachers, not afraid to let their light shine.  Teachers knowing that the leadership team has confidence in their ability and professionalism.

I dream of a community where relationships are not built on scapegoating, but on servant leadership, collegiality, professionalism and support.  I see a community who remembers and celebrates the world’s most recognised scapegoat, Jesus Christ, the man who died to teach us that our relationships cannot be based on who or what we collectively don’t like.

I dream of a school filled with people who have a positive view of life, who see value in talking each other up and not talking anyone down.  I see courage and resilience in people who stand up for the absent, who defend the unheard and the lonely but not at the expense of the tall poppies. I see wisdom in the people in our community who know when to speak, who know what is worth sharing and when to share it.  I see a community that knows life is messy, but that there is no problem we cannot solve together. 

Marisa Dann