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Inclusive Education

Students with needs are supported at St Eugene College by a range of specialist staff working together with parents and classroom teachers.  These specialist staff make up the Student Support Services and include the Support Teachers for Inclusive Education; Guidance Counsellors; Speech Pathologist; EALD teacher and a team of School Officers.  They work together with teachers and parents to address the academic, social, physical and emotional needs of all students.  When necessary outside agencies are accommodated within the college to combine expertise in supporting a student with needs.  A range of needs are addressed through small group social emotional programs.

Social Emotional Programs

Small group program teaching the skills to help with social interactions with opportunities to practise these skills.

Exploring Feelings Program 
Exploring Feelings is designed to help children from to understand their feelings and to deal with anxiety or other strong feelings constructively. Children learn how to develop an emotional toolbox of strategies to help them cope when they are feeling anxious.

Socially Speaking
This program teaches children how to develop positive social skills and how to transfer these skills to everyday life. Children learn skills such as, how to communicate, how to make friends and how to be a good friend. They work with a school officer and a small group of peers and have many opportunities to practise the skills they are learning.

The Seasons Program
Grief is a normal and natural response to loss. Grief can result from all kinds of change and loss including family breakdown, friendship changes, homelessness, the death of a relative or friend, unemployment, abuse, serious illness, injury, disability, loss of self-esteem, imprisonment. The Seasons Program helps children to understand that their feelings are very normal and teachers them strategies of how to cope with these changes in their lives.

Drumbeat Program 
The Drumbeat Program uses music to engage children in learning, to teach social skills and build self-esteem. Children are engaged in experiential learning where they cooperate together to make music as a group and work towards developing healthy social interactions and connections. The sessions cover topics such as identity, social harmony and getting along with others, expressing emotions positively, values, peer pressure and teamwork.

Rock and Water

Students develop a growing awareness of themselves on their path to adulthood.

Specifically the program focus is on:

·         Self confidence, self awareness and self control

·         Communication skills and interpretation of body language cues

·         Alternatives to aggressive verbal and physical responses  

·         Thinking and being in control, through grounding, centeredness and mental focus

·         Boundary awareness

·         Practical Anti-Bullying strategies