Principal’s Address

​​​​“Never murmur amongst yourselves“ St Eugene de Mazenod

Each term I have the opportunity to address the whole college at Assembly. I make sure that I challenge our students to reflect on the term
that has just been. I ask them to think about what sort of learner they have been. Have they successfully taken ownership of their learning?
Have they shown creativity and curiosity as a learner this term? How resilient have they been in the face of feedback that is meant to push
them further in their learning?

On Tuesday my challenge for everyone was just a little bit different. I want everyone to think about what sort of person you have been this
term. Have you been the best human you could possibly be? To help us with this sort of reflection we have the St Eugene College values – of
dignity, excellence, community, hope and service. My focus for Tuesday’s assembly was on just one value — Dignity.

St Eugene said “never murmur amongst yourselves”. I think he means don’t sit around talking and gossiping about other people. We can
never really know anyone else’s true story, so what right do we have to sit in judgement of anyone else? St Eugene encouraged us to treat
every person with kindness – regardless of their differences, regardless of their story. To do this we have to show humility in the face of our
own story, our own strengths and weaknesses – we have to know we are worthy of honor or respect as well as display honor and respect to
those around us.

On Tuesday I shared the story of ‘The Unworthy King’ with the students, staff and parents at Assembly as a way of better understanding what
is meant by ‘dignity’. The story challenges us to reflect on the sort of human being we want to be known as. In what ways do we treat others
with respect and dignity. Remember a time this term when you have not been treated with dignity and respect. How did that feel? Do
you have any one around you that you need to ask for forgiveness from because you arrogantly talked rudely about them – just like the unworthy
king ?

We have been fortunate to be witness this term to many acts of charity and service which serve as great examples of the value of dignity. A
the holidays approach I would like to thank the many staff, students and parents/carers for their acts of kindness throughout Term 3. I would
encourage you to have discussions at home over the holidays about the learning and dignity that has been evident for you and your students
this term.

Marisa Dann - Principal