Principal’s Address

“Being an adult in a school is a profound moral challenge". (Weissbourd, 2003)

Our educational work in classrooms and schools is mediated by the influence of the relationships that exist between teacher and student. A restorative approach allows us to focus on developing and nurturing right relationships across the College. This approach allows us to repair and restore these relationship when things go wrong.  We are developing practical processes that help us bring abstract notions such as reconciliation and restoration into day-today reality in such a way that our Catholic values are more than just platitudes. Restorative practices recognises that we are relational beings and that the key issue when conflict or wrongdoing occurs is the harm that is caused to people and relationships, and the obligations that follow from that harm. St Eugene College uses restorative practices to develop our adults, children and young people with the ability and attitude to be conflict competent.  (George G., 2015)​

Marisa Dann - Principal