Preparatory Year

​​​Prep is basically a place of learning. Our aim is to provide an environment within which the needs and interests of each child will be met and within which the development of certain abilities, attitudes and skills which will assist the child’s educational development, will be fostered.

Play is essential to all children and although it is often noisy, frequently messy, sometimes inconvenient and can appear to have no real value, play is the way the young child learns.  Prep at St Eugene

Through play children learn by …

  • playing and experimenting with materials and activities provided and which have been specifically planned for the child present.
  • discussing with adults and other children when using materials.
  • direction to materials which specifically meet the needs of the child.

As children play they are thinking through their ideas, gradually developing new skills and finding out new ways of doing things. 




Children need a cuddle
To help them cope with life,
For what is a little thing to us,
Can cause a child great strife
So remember how important
A cuddle can make you feel –

It shows a child you love and care
And that your love is real
Cuddle them every morning
As you send them on their way
And ask yourself this question now,
“Did you cuddle your child today?”

Pam McDonald


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