Vocational Education and Training (VET)


The Vocational and Educational Training program at St Eugene College continues to grow and develop with the needs and interests of our young senior students.  We are committed to and pride ourselves on delivering a personalised program of learning that best suits the interests and abilities of all students in our care.  The VET program continues to allow our students success and enjoyment in their chosen pathway.  VET qualifications prepare students to enter the workforce with skills that match an ever-changing economic environment. 

At St Eugene College we have students connecting with Universities, TAFE, Trades and Traineeships. Our students are also able to individualise their learning and choose to study subjects that they were interested in as well as wanting to pursue further careers in.  These include: hairdressing, business, childcare, aviation, beauty services, business, hospitality, fitness, floristry, digital media and technology, logistics, retail, plumbing and music.​

Please see the attached link​ for a comprehensive guide to the St Eugene College Vocational and Educational Training​ program.

Vocational Education and Training Vocational Education and Training