Resource Centre

​​​Resource Centre​​​ 

T​oday’s school library has a more important position then ever before. The library supports the school’s program and for this reason all library lessons are well planned beforehand with each teacher so that they integrate with class programs and reinforce new skills. Information and research skills and a love of literature are major objectives. Use of all kinds of resources (books, CD Rom, internet, videos, tapes, posters, kits, etc) are encouraged. Prep to Year 7 students make full use of the library’s facilities and lessons.

When our School opened in 1990 the Library was situated in the staff room. After 2 years we migrated to a classsroom, where we stayed for another 2 years. Finally in 1994 after the construction of our present building we moved into a fully automated Library. Our computers have increased over the years and all have Internet connection.

Approximately 15,000 items, which includes non-fiction, fiction, junior fiction, reference, periodicals, teachers resources including charts, picture packs, big books, cassettes, and computer software.

The Library uses Bookmark software to manage our resources. Currently there are 6 terminals for student use, 1 circulation workstation and 1 workroom station. Three of these computers are networked to the school network using Windows 2000. One other terminal is also connected to the Internet. This was our first Internet computer which was donated by our founding Principal when she left our school in 1997.

Primary Borrowing Times
Our primary classes (including Prep) have a regular borrowing time each week.  Books can be changed on any day independently as well before & after school and at both play breaks Mon-Fri. These times can change with some classes due to timetable clashes but this will be noted in the newsletter.

Monday to Friday 8.25am - 3.15pm. The children can borrow in the morning before school, morning tea break and after school until 3.15pm.  

After School
After School Library Open Time is until 4pm, Monday to Friday, to enable secondary students to complete homework or work on assignments or borrow books. Library staff are present and will be available for support and help especially if notified beforehand. Primary students can also use the library after school but must have a parent present. OHSC caters for after school care for primary students.