Productive Pedagogy

Productive Pedagogy involves students in becoming active learners, capable of solving complex problems and constructing meaning that is grounded in real-world experience. Therefore, teaching, learning and assessment practices needs to align with active learning.

Authentic pedagogy involves significant tasks that allows students to demonstrate outcomes. Authentic Pedagogy Assessment Tasks asks students to:

  • organize, synthesize, interpret, explain, or evaluate complex information in addressing a concept, problem, or issue.
  • explore connections and relationships and to produce relatively complex understandings.
  • show understanding and/or use of ideas, theories.
  • use methods of inquiry, research, or communication
  • elaborate their understanding, explanations, or conclusions through extended writing.
  • address a concept, problem, or issue that is similar to one that they have encountered, or are likely to encounter, in life beyond the classroom.
  • communicate their knowledge, present a product or performance, or take some action for an audience beyond the teacher, classroom, and school building.