Lifelong Learners

​At St Eugene we endeavour to provide many opportunities for students to develop the attributes of lifelong learners.​ A lifelong learner is:  

Ø    A Community Contributor

Ø    A Quality Producer

Ø    A Leader and Collaborator

Ø    A Designer and Creator

Ø    An Effective Communicator

Ø    An Active Investigator

Ø    A reflective and Self Directed Learner


Community Contributor

Community Contributor who relates to others in ways that:

  • promote peace, tolerance, reconciliation, spirituality and optimism and a sense of purpose and belonging in the local, national and global communities;
  • Advocates for democratic processes, social justice and ecological and economic sustainability in local and global contexts;
  • Seeks and employs ethical ways to address and solve problems affecting the well being of their local communities and global environment;
  • Actively works with others in their community to maintain or improve the quality of understanding and living in the world around them.

Quality Producer

A Quality Producer creates products that achieve their purpose and are appropriate for their intended audience.

Constructs and applies knowledge, concepts, theories and generalisations to make meaning and communicate this in an exemplary product.

Gathers and effectively utilises the people, resources and technologies needed for accomplishing projects successfully within agreed-upon time and resource constraints.

Leader and Collaborator

A Leader and Collaborator develops and incorporates leadership skills to contribute positively to the accomplishment of team goals, through processes such as:- negotiation;- mediation; facilitation; clarification; coaching; and mentoring.

Works cooperatively with peers and/or community memberswhere plans and responsibilities are:- clearly defined;- equitably shared, and- reliably carried out.

Develops and practises effective interpersonal skills in order to relate to others in peaceful, tolerant and non-discriminatory ways.

Nourishes relationships with God, self, others and the environment with compassion, sensitivity, respect, integrity and empathy.


Designer and Creator

A Designer and Creator generates ideas, designs, systems or information with resourcefulness, imagination, insight, originality, aesthetic judgment, enterprise and a risk-taking approach to meet current and emerging needs and wants.

Responds to multiple experiences and ideas about the world and communicates personal meaning through various modes and mediums such as:

  • choreographing
  • improvising
  • making and producing;
  • devising and composing.
Uses a variety of methods, tools and technologies to generate:

  • new ways to solve problems;
  • view situations and make decisions;
  • express new meaning and envision alternative futures.

Effective Communicator

Effective Communicator communicates effectively and confidently in a range of contexts and for many different audiences.

Actively listens to the intent and spirit of others’ words and respond appropriately verbally and non-verbally.

Composes and comprehends a range of written, spoken andvisual texts to convey information that is meaningful.

Explores ideas critically and express them clearly for a variety of purposes.

Uses individual and group performances to explore and express ideas, thoughts, feelings and understandings.


Active Investigator

An Active Investigator identifies questions, defines challenges and inequities, investigates underlying issues, and explores a range of alternatives to construct meaning.

Generates and accesses information from a variety of sources.

Examines cause and effect relationships in the context of the investigation.

Evaluates the adequacy, accuracy and worth of data and information.

Demonstrates inductive (from fact to generalisation) deductive (from generalisation or theory to facts) and intuitive (by perception of facts independent of any reasoning process) reasoning to investigate everyday problems.


A Reflective and Self-Directed Learner

A Reflective and Self-Directed Learner critically reflects on problems and issues to shape ideas and solutions that contribute to a better understanding of the wider world.

Critically evaluates and reflects on their assumptions, values and products.

Plans, organises, manages and evaluates own thinking, performance, behaviour and well-being.

Creates a cycle of reflection for self by:

  • setting priorities and achievable goals;
  • taking responsibility for actions;
  • monitoring effectiveness of goals;
  • resetting goals for further action.
Develops self-discipline to work independently, to persevere with projects, and to plan to accommodate the unpredictable.