Student-Led Conferences

The Student-Led conference is an opportunity for parents, teachers and students to discuss and celebrate a student’s learning. Students are actively involved in sharing examples of their work, in self-evaluation, and in goal setting. The conference provides each student with an active and meaningful role in reviewing and reflecting on their learning.

The Roles Throughout The Conference

  • Students demonstrate what they know as they share their accomplishments and set new learning goals;

  • Parents   find out about their children’s learning and have the opportunity to ask questions and express their ideas; help make plans to support their children’s learning at home;

  • Teachers facilitate the conversation by clarifying, elaborating, and responding to specific questions and concerns

If you are participating in a Student Led Conference - For Parents

•​ Remember that your child has put a great deal of time and thought into preparing for the interview.

• Realize that this is an opportunity to view learning experiences through the eyes of your child.

• Listen attentively to your child as he or she presents the portfolio of selected work.

• Question and encourage whenever appropriate.

• Ask specific questions and give positive feedback.

• Focus on what your child can do and has achieved successfully.

• Compliment your child on a job well done.