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If your child is to be absent, parents are required to contact the college.  This is foremost, a requirement for safety and legal reasons. 

Short Absences eg unexpected illness:
Phone the Absentee Hotline before 9.30am on the day. This is a recorded service open 24hrs / 7 days to advise expected absence.        

           Absentee Hotline:  3491 4646         

Yrs 8 & 9: If a parent/caregiver has not made contact, the school will phone to confirm the student’s absence.  Please ensure that if your child is late for school that they sign in at the office so that the roll can be adjusted accordingly and they are not marked as absent.

Longer Absences eg more than a few days:
A note for the class/pastoral care teacher is expected prior to the absence, outlining the reason. 



Extreme care should be taken to clearly name all items of clothing, books, lunch boxes etc. The Lost Property Box is situated in the Student Foyer and parents are requested to make regular checks for lost items. Unnamed lost property will be disposed of at the end of each term.



This is very important and is encouraged. As times, as a parent, a concern you may have about your child appears to be “too small – insignificant”. You may not like to raise such a matter with the teacher or school. However, this small concern may be the only sign we have of a more significant problem, or it may be the beginning of something bigger. Never feel that you cannot raise any concern at all you have about your child with the teacher or school. We are partners in the whole education and development of your child.

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  • Please forward a note with your child in advance.
    (Messages to college via last minute phone calls can be very disruptive to lessons)
  • All students leaving the college must also sign out at the office. 

Primary:  Parents must do this on the student’s behalf.  The college must be assured that the children leave the grounds only in the care of the parents/guardians or persons nominated by same.

Secondary: Secondary students must have your written authorisation to leave and produce this letter to their pastoral care teacher at the beginning of the day.  The pastoral care teacher will counter-sign this letter which must be produced to the Secondary Student Services Secretary before signing out.

Late Arrivals
All late arrivals must sign in at the office. Primary students to be signed in by parent/guardian. 



The College newsletter is issued every Wednesday.



In the interests of protecting children, no person other than authorised persons are permitted to enter the classrooms or play areas during school hours. In all cases a person entering the grounds must report to the School Office for authorisation and enter the school area only after signing the Workplace Health and Safety Visitors Book located in the office Foyer. This rule applies also to parents.

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St Eugene College highlights the uniqueness of Health and Physical Education and its contribution to lifelong learning. From Prep to year seven students develop the knowledge, skills, processes and attitudes necessary to understand value and lead healthy and active lifestyles. In so doing they are better able to adopt responsible and productive roles in society.


Junior and Senior Tuckshops operate Monday to Friday. Assistance in the school tuckshop is deeply appreciated. The work is not hard, and can be lots of fun, as well as an excellent way of meeting and talking with other parents and getting to know your school a little better. Volunteers are called for early in the year and rosters are developed. Advice on items available and prices is put out at the beginning of each year.

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